Monday, June 05, 2006

I should have known better!!

I had the ridiculous good fortune of following advice about making money from doing surveys. Well didn’t I unleash the floodgates!!

I have had more spam and invites to sign up to idiotically stupid websites that it seems what I should have said is “Pick me!! Pick me!!”

Whilst I applaud the concept, haven’t they got it all wrong. Some permission marketing idiot decided tha the definition of permission marketing was that I put my head above the parapet. From then on it’s game on!.

The Privacy Policies are spurious. The effect is immediate.

Sign up to this, you go in the draw to win a toaster [from the US and I am in Australia}. You could go in the draw to win a prize of $1,500 dollars. In the draw. In the words of Cuba Gooding Junior…..”Show me the money!!’ not the feint hope of the merest sniff of the possibility of the chance to win a few bucks.

The story remains the same.

They get my name because I am dumb enough, and I get inundated by idiots…. There’s only one idiot in this game – and its not them.